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Electrify your fleet.

Your fleet is the lifeline of your company. Electrifying your fleet can reduce downtime, minimize maintenance expenses and reduce fuel costs. Your drivers will enjoy the smooth acceleration, instant torque and peaceful quietness of your new EVs as well!

Spark Plug Chargers can help you select the best vehicles and charging stations to fit your needs as you transition to an all electric fleet. We offer charging stations ranging from 6 kW to 350 kW and offer maintenance plans as well.

Depot Charging

Set up a charging station at your fleet's depot. You can charge overnight and start everyday with fully charged vehicles, ready for the day ahead. 


Route Charging

Need a boost along your route? We can help you plan charging stops along your route to minimize charging time and costs while maximizing your range.


Public Charging

Need more flexibility, we can offer you discounted charging to allow your fleet to affordably go anywhere our network reaches. 

Ready to electrify?

We will respond to you soon. Thank you for choosing Spark Plug Chargers!

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